What warmth should I choose?

Here is the different warmth level from when it comes to doonas.

To assist in your selection, our doonas are rated in Warmth 1 (coolest), 3 (medium) and 5 (warmest). The warmth rating is equivalent to a wool blanket. For example, a Warmth 3 is approximately equivalent to the warmth of 3 wool blankets. The best way to choose the right warmth is to consider how cold your house gets at night. The table below provides some suggestions based on the internal overnight temperature of your house and your sleep type:


Sleep Type Your house night Temperature Suggested warmth rating
Very hot sleeper 25+ degrees Warmth 1
Average sleeper 15-25 degrees  Warmth 3
Toasty warm sleeper 5-15 degrees  Warmth 5

If you are a cold person or are older (55+) consider going one step warmer than the suggestions above.

What is the standard shipping time?

We normally have your Doona shipped in two days from the day of your order. This time frame can change depending on the number of Doonas ordered on our online store. If you have a specific occasion you want the Doona done by, we will work to accommodate your needs.

How to care for my Doona?

SLEEPY Joey quilts and pillows are easiest to maintain. Wash doona or pillow in warm water (upto 40 degrees) using normal detergent. Ensure the washing machine is big enough for doona to move freely. To dry the Doona, hang it out on line or use clothes drying rack. Once thoroughly dry just give it a good shake to fluff up the feathers and down.

Who are the recommend Dry Cleaners in Australia?

We have a number of qualified partners that is available in your area to dry clean your Doona here are the locations

What's the refunds or exchanges policy?

We accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase with proof of purchase and the item must be in its original packaging. We do not refund for return postage.