About Us

“From Farm to Doona in under 100 km - Journey of our feathers/down”

After a tedious day, one thing anyone would desire is a sound sleep like a Joey (baby). All that’s needed is a good mattress, a comfortable PILLOW and a snuggy DOONA. That’s where SLEEPYJoey comes in.

SLEEPYJoey is a family run business consisting of professionals (CPA and Gynaecologist to be specific) who traded their busy corporate life to start a Laundry & Dry-Cleaning business in 2014. Business soon expanded to multiple sites serving both domestic as well as commercial clients like 5-star hotels. We have almost perfected the art of cleaning doonas over the years and are preferred service provider to boutique hotels. We have the privilege of being the first Australian company offering “Double Wash” as standard service through our specialist Doona Cleaning business (www.DoonaWash.com.au)

After cleaning 1000’s of doonas of all types, shapes, sizes and stains we took on a challenge to design a prefect Doona for a perfect night sleep that must have essential elements of

  1. Luxury – 5-star Hotel Quality
  2. Low cost of cleaning – can be cleaned at home using regular laundry detergent
  3. Suited to the individual’s body warmth requirement – Even when two individuals are sharing the doona through our customisation options
  4. Hygienic and healthy feathers – Australian Birds
  5. Keep jobs in our backyard – Australian Owned & Made
  6. Affordable – Online Sales
  7. No Cold Spots – Box walled construction avoids hot and cold spots unlike channelled construction where filling can move around.

After months of planning, strategizing and sourcing suppliers finally we have arrived with SLEEPYJoey. All our feathers and down come from farms in Victoria and manufacturing happens right in the heart of Melbourne as per Australian standards. From “Farm to Doona under 100 km” our feathers/down travels much less keeping feathers and down intact and in one piece unlike our counterparts from overseas!!! Our feathers and down are healthy and hygienic without the fear of carrying any strains of viruses found overseas.

Our most important design feature is  “Split Warmth Levels” in the same doona just like a Half n Half pizza! Two individuals have different body types and so should be the warmth level in the Doona. Customise your doona with what your body requires. Have 100% confidence in your investment knowing that within first 30 days of warmth trial, you can upgrade your level of warmth if required.

Congratulations on purchasing a Doona for your perfect night sleep.

SLEEPY Joey Australia

What can we do for you?

Shop With Confidence

We’re so confident in the quality of our doonas that we are offering a 30 DAY trial. If you not happy, send your doona back and we will change the level of warmth for FREE, all you pay for is postage.

What do we do?

Our Company practices are based on a mutual trust. We always do the right thing with passion, pace and innovation. We only offer the best quality and guarantee that our products will last a lifetime.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers expectations with the guarantee and bespoke Assurance, testing and  Certification are our main goal to maintain and deliver top quality products fully supported.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s most trusted company for quality assurance and develop new ideas to dress your bed with the best quality on the market.