Men are from Mars, Women from Venus…

Why shiver or overheat with a doona that doesn’t cater to your needs? SleepyJoey can change that by customising and creating a doona which would make both the partners happy.

Customers Love SLEEPY Joey Doonas….

Feathers and down are sourced from Australian ducks which are the best when it comes to quality & hygiene

We supply doonas to 5 star hotels and want you to experience the same quality and luxury in your own bed.

The feathers are filled in individual squares for even distribution. This provide equal warmth all around by avoiding any hot or cold spots unlike in channeled construction where filling can move around.

This feature facilitates to customise doonas to the warmth of your choice.

Available in three warmth levels – Winter, Summer and All year round

Standard Doonas – Even fill through out.

Customise – Half & Half (Two different warmths in the same doona). You choose the level of warmth in each half.

You can wash Doonas at home or take it to coin laundry. No need for any specialised care

We ship free within Australia.
International customers, please get in touch to get a quote on shipment charges

Perfect Warmth. 30 Days Trial

100% Peace of mind in your investment.


All customised Doonas come with a 30-Day Trial Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the warmth level within your 30 nights, we’ll happily offer you a full upgrade in warmth (return shipping not included).


Please note: Warmth can only be increased not decreased.

Perfect Warmth Doona

I had to say that this was the easiest purchase I have done. Support and response has been amazing, helping me with several requests I had and got them solved with no worries. A pleasure to deal with Sleepy Joey!

Sleepy Joey support team are very good. The support has served me immediately and helped me to make the best choice to customise my super king doona. Great job very happy with the purchase.

These guys have been absolutely outstanding. Perfect Doona and the best of all that you have many options to choose from! Best Support team ever! Very fast responding! Thank you very much! I highly recommend Sleepy Joey custom Doona!

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